I’m Veronica Lopez, the founder of Tree-Top Secret Education.

Meet Our founder

Veronica Lopez


I want to thank you for visiting the Tree-Top.  You know those nice little door chimes that ring when you enter your favorite little shop, imagine you just heard the chimes as you clicked into Tree-Top Secret.

You will find me here each time you drop in… I’ll always be excited to learn about your day, what you are working on with your students, and how I can help you with any questions or challenges.

We share the same goal…

You are committed to helping students succeed.  I am committed to helping YOU succeed.

Together… you and I… we are invincible! (Can you hear the theme song from Rocky!)

I think we know each other…

I know you spend hours on research because you want to find that just right resource.  You devote even more time to designing and writing-up the best lesson ever.  In the morning, you give a few more hours in order to get to school early (you know, to arrive before the teacher who always manages to get to the copier before you).

I know about your lunch-time sprint… when you walk your students to the cafeteria, rush to the ladies or men’s room, grab lunch, eat, maybe have time to talk with another adult, read your messages, check your box, get ready for the afternoon classes, then put a smile back on and rush back to pick up the kids from the cafeteria… All in 30 minutes or less… You should get teacher of the year for that alone:)

I know about dealing with students who are struggling, don’t have the right motivation, are missing the basic skills, are used to getting the answers without doing the thinking, and start almost every sentence with the words I can’t.

I know about the moments of sadness when you know your student is trying but just can’t seem to get there.  There are also times of frustration when a student makes poor choices and misbehaves.  There are also funny moments when time stops, and you and the young people share laughter and build a memory.  There are also those glorious moments when a student finally gets it… these are the moments you dream about… you work for… you live for!  (There’s that theme song from Rocky again!)

FredMy Story and Fred Flintstone

My story is a humble one.   I can laugh at myself now, but back in elementary I was one serious little kid.  For years, I hated the trek to school because it meant I would have to ride in our Fred Flintstone car.  It was a rusted old jalopy with rusted out holes in the floor.  There was one gaping hole in the floor on the passenger side.  My mom placed a rubber mat over that hole, but every once in a while the mat would shift and the hole would ominously appear.  I still remember the day when we took a hard turn, the mat flipped over, and my flip-flop when right down the hole and onto the street.  That Fred Flintstone car was the bane of my existence.  I just knew every kid on campus, especially that cute boy I had a crush on, was staring and pointing at the car and me.

I tell my Fred Flintstone story, because it was and is my inspiration.  Even at that age, I understood the reasons why we could only afford that little car. I acknowledged how in spite of its faults, the little car was getting us from point A to point B.  I was told and believed an education would allow me to one day purchase a non-Fred Flintstone model.

That inspiration and belief in education has guided my journey as a life-long learner.  A few years ago, I earned my Masters in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  I am currently working on my dissertation and plan to earn my Ph.D. in curriculum, instruction, and assessment in a little over a year.  You know what I have to say to that, say it with me now, “Yabba Dabba Doo!”

Many Colorful Hats

Along with all the hats every teacher wears on every given day, I have also served in various roles over the years.  I have been a classroom teacher, principal, instructional facilitator, district coordinator, adult education instructor, and now educational consultant and Director.  I have explored the wonders of space and magic of math with Pre-K-5th grade students.  I have devoted serious “cramming for the big test” time with high school students.  I have helped GED students re-learn the fundamentals of every core subject.  I have worked to build community, prepare teacher leaders, and manage campus logistics.  I have worked along-side other district leaders in an effort to strategically plan and align curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Big Yabba Dabba Doo

I founded Tree-Top Secret ten years ago and during this time Tree-Top Secret and/or I have hit many amazing milestones…

  • Presented for Discovery Education
  • Guest Blogger for Edutopia… here’s the link 7 Learning Zones Every Classroom Must Have
  • Obtaining Continuing Professional Education Certification from the Texas Ed. Agency
  • Certified Provider of Google Helpouts
  • Published in ASCD, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development… here’s the link 5-Game Winning Plays for Tackling Informational Text
  • Contributor for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation & Marilyn Burns Pilot Study
  • Designing curricula & obtaining a TX Dept. of Ag. $30,000 grant for a Charter District
  • Locking down a License Agreement from Pearson Education/Texas Education Agency
  • Providing excellent resources like StickUp4 Boards, TEK by TEK, TEKS’R4KIDS, Foogle File, Problem Solved Station Kits, Basic Math Skill Stations, and many more
  • Publishing Iggy Boulder and The Rock Cycle
  • Meeting and serving hundreds of teachers from all over this great nation

You see why we just need to say, say it with me now, “Yabba Dabba Doo!”

Share your story…

Enough about me… I want to hear about you.  There are several buttons on the page where we can connect.  Here are the first steps to what will certainly be our journey towards invincibility.  Can you hear it… it’s the Rocky theme song once again, but louder.

What’s Next …

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Thank you bunches for visiting the Tree-Top and for spending this time with me.

I’ll be in touch, we have so much more to talk about…



Fred Flintstone Image credit: <a href=’’>americanspirit / 123RF Stock Photo</a>